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Live Web Conferencing Company GVO Conference Launch Date Announced.

The date has at long last been released for the launch of GVO Conference. November 2, 2010. Thousands of people have taken advantage of this great live web conferencing tool over the past few weeks during the pre-launch phase. Now GVO Conference is opening it’s doors.

With the endless economic problems companies of all sizes need effective techniques to cut costs. Web conference solution providers just like GVO Conference provide a cost effective option that may reduce travel costs tremendously.

GVO Conference offers a live web conference solution for personal or business use at a substantially lower price than their competition. In my most recent research the biggest widely used competitors to GVO Conference offer their product at over 4 times the rate monthly and provide a much lower number of attendees. Not including the fact that you’re compensated for your personal referrals that you send to GVO Conference. It only takes one personal referral for your monthly fee to be covered.

Live web conferencing solutions do not just present choices for big companies but for small business/home business owners also. Many businesses operate completely on the web and they loose that personal touch of having a customer come in their store. Having this tool at an affordable price provides you with allow you to have a prospect walk in your web based store when it’s convient for you. They can meet you inside your own virtual office.

The founder of GVO Conference, Joel Theiren has had a very profitable track record and continues to be profitable with lots of products and has a great track record. In 2004 Joel released a very amazing VoIP web conference solution referred to as Hotconference. In as little as 3 months the product had more than seven million end consumers. It progressed instantly and grew himself and his data center located in Canada literally almost completely out of business. It was launched starting in January 2004. By April 2004 it had seven million users. By May it had grown so large that the corporation that had offered fibre optics to his data center advised him it had no additional fibre left inside the city.

Joel had to move his family and team from Ottawa, Canada to San Antonio, Texas (where fibre optics and bandwidth are truly unlimited) so they could relaunch this product. Mr. Theiren put millions into establishing a new data center in San Antonio, TX and today 7 years later he is relaunching this live web conferencing technology.

The actual purpose of this product and the great support that’s provided is nothing less than it’s competition despite the massive cost difference. It is also available in five additional languages. German, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and English. Live web conferencing can be a terrific solution meant for companies regardless of the size of their business.

I would like to recommend to check our official GVO video conference website at, GVOVideoSolutions.com

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